Social Starts Buzz Room: July 27, 2017

News about Our Portfolio Companies

·         Mycroft podcast

·         Astronomer: six principles for sending surveys

·         How Nestio plans to persuade landlords to ditch StreetEasy

·         5 questions with Rheo CEO Alan Cannistraro

· fuels global standardization for video personalization with publishers

·         CodeFights launches Database World and 11 new languages in one of its biggest updates

·         HBO knows what you are thinking during Game of Thrones thanks to Canvs

·         Stream raises 2.8M with Social Starts participating

Industry Trends

·         The digital wealth of nations + a timeline of future technology

·         YC raising 1B for new fund

·         Women are hacking VC and Portfolia

·         14% of some Google teams didn’t attend college

·         More than 75% VC funding has gone to 5 on-demand startups

·         Podcasting

·         More women and minorities are taking college-level computer courses in high school

·         Lyft outlines self-driving car plans

·         Startups are cheaper to build but more expensive to grow

·         Tech’s biggest five now worth 3T + the decline in investment in SF startups

Artificial Intelligences

·         Apple launches ML blog

·         AI real world issues

·         China wants to build a $150B AI industry

·         Predictions on successful startups from AI


·         The unbundling of food

·         Facebook is going to let publishers start charging readers to view stories

·         The top 25 DNVBs of 2017

·         Sears announces partnership with Amazon + the widening of Amazon’s moat


·         When companies get hacked, should they be allowed to hack back?

·         Shutting down ransomware


·         The social media universe

·         Alexa passes 15K skills mark

·         How to think like Amazon in IoT

Work Platforms

·         Hire by Google

·         Millennials: the job hopping generation (21% of 18-35 yr olds have changed jobs in the last year)


·         Google glass 2.0

·         New York City mayor wants to be the AR/VR global hub

·         NBC launches ‘Stay Tuned’ on Snapchat

·         Amazon’s spark: a shopping discovery platform


·         Ethereum co-founder says crypto coin market is a time-bomb

·         Hacker steals $31M of ether

·         Reflections on the best blockchain tweets

·         Fintech is in the eye of the beholder

·         Gnosis

·         The tiniest blockchain + the top 6 open source projects in 2017

·         The logistics industry and blockchainization

·         Bitcoin averts 2 currency split + between a rock and a hard fork + crypto’s biggest test yet + Segwit2x

·         Crypto boom and hedge funds

·         Why tokens are eating the world


·         Medcity’s best of INVEST Pitch Perfect contest 2017

·         Tackling inefficiency: how AI will solve healthcare’s biggest and least sexy problem

·         KKR buys WebMD for 2.8B

Business and Personal Strategy

·         Why business leaders should read more science fiction

·         The quickest way to estimate how much to raise + the system for labeling fundraising rounds is broken and useless

·         Hack growth before retention