Our moment-of-inception fund finds and interacts with more new companies than other funds through a blend of active outbound research, analytics, and intense networking. We analyze multiple investment sectors each year and select the areas with the greatest potential for high value Series A rounds and exits. Our intense early investing locks the lowest possible cost basis and pro rata access to high value Series A companies.

We undertake all this effort to produce reliably strong returns for investors over time. The earliest stages of startup life have been under-served by venture funds and left largely to angel investors, accelerators and other sources of limited long-term help to the founders.

We have long histories of evaluating brand new technologies and see a classic investment opportunity by going where other investors aren’t: the beginning.

Success in moment-of-inception grows from finding the best companies in the best business segments. We’ve developed a set of data methodologies designed to deliver the highest probability that we uncover and recognize companies that will generate dramatic and predictable returns. Using our proprietary market evaluation and company finding tools, we identify the strongest rising segments of tech investment opportunity, and then light up every brand new startup in those areas of focus.  Because of our intense discovery process, we evaluate up to 4,000 companies each year across the US, Europe and Asia. The context created by this extreme analysis informs our rigorous selection of the top 1% of new tech companies in the highest potential market segment.

Because we invest at the moment-of-inception, we lock in the lowest possible cost basis on the best companies. And, through pro rata rights, we guarantee participation in the strongest Series A rounds. The challenge at the A round isn’t knowing about the companies; everybody knows which companies are doing well. The challenge is getting into the rounds. So, in our very early-stage investing, we always take pro rata rights, and that, essentially, gives us an option to participate in highly sought-after A rounds.