Social Starts Buzz Room: August 8, 2017

A compendium of what our partners read each week, highlighting macro industry trends, our investment focus areas, and general personal and business strategies.

News About Our Portfolio Companies

·         MagicCube’s CEO explains how connected cars can learn from Fintech + MagicCube and Yellowpepper’s partnership

·         Affinio ranked as top 10 social analytics for enterprises

·         Grovo raises 11.3M with Social Starts participating

·         How is changing live soccer consumption

·         YouEarnedIt’s CEO on how employee engagement can bridge the generational divide

·         Mycroft on the future of productivity: AI and ML

·         Social Flow on instream vs. outstream

·         Rheo, surfacing videos based on your mood, featured in TechHive

Industry Trends

·         What happens in an internet minute in 2017?

·         Attention on digital monopolies

·         Alphabet earnings breakdown + time to break up the tech giants? + treat tech giants as utilities

·         Digital Decay

·         Is China or the US the world’s economic superpower?

·         Masayoshi Son’s strategy + Softbank’s Vision Fund investments

·         Markets are strong but big startup M&A deals aren’t happening

·         Labor arbitrage comes to Silicon Valley

·         Roomba betting on smart home

·         Trucks make up 4% of cars on highway but cause 20% of traffic

Artificial Intelligences

·         “The only intelligent thing about Watson is its PR department

·         Bringing AI to Hololens

·         Limitations with deep learning

·         Advice for journalists writing about AIs


·         Online ad space is not healthy + Adtech is crumbling

·         American online retailing is growing rapidly

·         In the US, independent stores stage a comeback


·         More hackers needed?

·         How a hacker could take down the power grid

·         1.8M shortage of cybersecurity professionals by 2022

Work Platforms

·         Google launching 50M ‘future of work’ endeavor

·         LinkedIn rolling out free service to pair users with mentors

·         HR tech funding on the rise


·         Putting audiences at the heart of VR

·         Self-driving people by Airbnb

·         Why is ARKit better?

·         Google is developing Snap discovery-like media content

·         Facebook reportedly building smart speaker with touchscreen

·         Amazon patents point to AR tech for home try-on


·         Quantifying decentralization

·         ICOs have raised 4x the $s VCs have invested in blockchain companies this year + traditional blockchain deals hit new low

·         10 things William Mougayar doesn’t like about ICOs

·         Blockchain, banks, and the innovator’s dilemma

·         Blockchain as a service by Microsoft

·         The ICO handbook

·         Cryptocurrency’s Netscape moment

·         LedgerX and bitcoin options

·         Why everyone missed the most mind-blowing feature of cryptocurrency

·         Coinbase rejects bitcoin cash then reverses course

·         Placeholder Capital


·         Gene therapies

·         First human embryos edited in US

·         Genomics funding on track for record year

·         Amazon’s secret healthcare team

Business and Personal Strategy

·         Why growing startups fail

·         Q2 VC Cheat Sheet

·         Strap Ratio

·         94% of cold emails aren’t good

·         Use cases before tech