Social Starts Buzz Room: August 22, 2017


What are our partners reading this week? Big news from our portfolio companies, innovation in our investment focus areas, and general strategies for personal/business improvement.

News About Our Portfolio Companies

·         Newswhip on how Instagram influencers drive 100x the engagement for brands

·         MagicCube closes 8.5M Series A funding with Social Starts participating + CTO featured in Women in Tech series

·         Roikoi named an IDC innovator in talent discovery

·         Why soft skills training is more important than ever from Grovo

·         Werk raises $3M with Social Starts participating

·         Ambassador on harnessing the power of word of mouth

·         Wellthy featured in Forbes

·         Boxed hotels

·         Binded unveils one-click US copyright registration for photos

Industry Trends

·         PE doubles down on VC backed startups + low performing PE funds still holding their own vs. public markets

·         High valuations seeing reality checks at exit

·         The new copycats: how Facebook squashes competition from startups

·         52K patents have been filed by Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon since 2009

·         Amazon’s one click patent to expire

·         Nielsen to track e-sports

·         3 big ideas on technology innovation cycles

·         Are index funds evil?

·         Best and worst performing public equities in 2017

·         VC Confidence Index at 3.83 of 5

·         Edge computing could push the cloud to the fringe

·         The next billion

Artificial Intelligences

·         The race for AI

·         9 AI startups per month are being acquired in 2017


·         How AI will impact retail

·         E-commerce jobs are coming to steel industry


·         Education in the digital age

·         Toys aren’t play for VCs as connected fun and edu goes big


·         Wireless mesh networks

·         How the world’s smartest cities are being built

·         US senators to release bill to secure IoT

Work Platforms

·         LinkedIn rolling out new service to pair users with mentors

·         Workplace flexibility is the way to win the war for talent


·         Disney dumping Netflix and launching own service

·         IPhone 8 could scan your face

·         The history of VR

·         Why eyetracking is a huge deal for VR/AR

·         NBC Snapchat news gains 29M viewers in 1st month

·         The state of mobile AR

·         Who will be the world’s first AR/VR social media giant?

·         Facebook’s entry into TV shows is an attack on YouTube, not Netflix


·         How blockchain tech can help get musicians paid

·         500K stolen from hackers before Enigma ICO

·         Bitcoin and Ethereum google searches inversely correlated

·         From bartering to blockchain

·         Startup incubator Science raising 100M ICO


·         SV’s bright future in health tech, genomics, and crypto

·         Mental health startups and investment $s on the rise

·         Digital Health deals and funding hit all time high

·         Mental health tech on the rise

·         New Apple patent aims to turn iPhone into all-purpose heatlh tracker

·         A comprehensive guide to the new science of treating lower back pain

Business and Personal Strategy

·         Executive Intelligence

·         The future and the process

·         The secret to happiness at work – caring less?

·         Growth hacker is the new VP of marketing