Social Starts Buzz Room: July 20, 2017

News About Our Portfolio Companies

·         Littlstar: The Dunkirk VR experience

·         Magiccube’s CTO and Founder, Nancy Zayed, featured on Huffington Post

·         Vango’s helpful insights into the online art market

·         Greenhouse named to top 100 hottest cloud companies in 2017

·         Astronomer raises $3.5M

·         Stratifyd raises $5.9M including participation from Social Starts

·         Grovo on microlearning

Industry Trends

·         US Venture investment ticks up in Q2 2017

·         Can the tech giants be stopped? + Google paying academics to speak favorably on their behalf

·         World GDP over the last two millenia

·         Creation and consumption

·         Another security breach (Verizon)

·         Facebook’s Mom Problem

·         Can venture be saved?

·         The great startup stagnation

·         New stealth IPO rules take effect

·         What 671M push notifications say about how people spend their day

Artificial Intelligence

·         Toyota AI Ventures

·         Microsoft creates new AI lab to compete with Google’s DeepMind

·         Google on humanizing AI       

·         A talking camera for the blind, by Microsoft

·         Google launches Gradient Ventures

·         IBM revamps computer unit network around Watson AI


·         How Reebok used influencer reviews to break into the competitive running industry

·         Brandless

·         How fashion brands are cashing in on southern charm + Amazon is cornering fashion brands into wholesale

·         Amazon’s new Echo will be more like Apple’s Homepod + Bezos’ sprawling empire

Work Platforms

·         Workplace collaboration startup VC money hits the brakes in Q2

·         Flash organization software and on-demand orgs; almost all jobs created since 2005 are temporary


·         Facebook’s Oculus cuts its price again

·         Content isn’t King

·         Snap’s lead underwriter admits they were wrong

·         The ad industry feels like Silicon Valley is killing creativity; 6 second attention spans


·         Risks facing VCs planning to invest in cryptocurrencies

·         Ethereum Island

·         Japan has eliminated tax on bitcoin

·         South Korea to legalize bitcoin and Ethereum soon

·         Ranking the top 20 cryptocurrencies over time

·         Tezos raises $232M


·         VR can conquer real pain

·         Digital health startups draw record investments in H1 2017

Business and Personal Strategy

·         Valedictorians rarely become rich; the average millionaire had a 2.9 college GPA

·         Just the perception of implicit bias takes a toll on companies

·         Why good people leave large tech companies

·         Marc Andreesen answers questions from Stripe Atlas founders

·         Why moving a team to Brazil was positive

·         A counterintuitive system for startup compensation

·         Is chat at work killing productivity?

·         Why SAFE notes are not safe for an entrepreneur