A Plus is a digital media company co-founded by Ashton Kutcher that features stories that make a difference and create positive change.

Adaptly enables the world’s biggest advertisers to scale campaigns across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest through technology and services.

Adelphic enables the buying and selling of targeted mobile media at scale through its powerful and intelligent Predictive Data Platform.

Affinio is an award-winning marketing intelligence platform that leverages the interest graph to understand today’s consumer.

AgriData helps farmers maximize their sales by providing high accuracy crop estimates using cameras mounted on tractors and computer vision.

AlphaPoint is a financial technology company that powers digital asset networks and provides institutions blockchain-enabled solutions to store, track, and trade digital assets.

Ambassador is the best way to reward your customers for promoting your products online.

Classic swimsuit styles reinvented. Designed with input from thousands of women: better fabric, better fit, better swimsuits.

Apptopia provides services in app analytics, data mining and business intelligence for the mobile industry.

AreaMetrics provides geo-location data that powers insights for marketers and brands by accessing a network of in-store sensors to understand offline foot-traffic and deliver the highest quality in alternative data intelligence.

ART19 is the fasting growing provider of podcast hosting, distribution, and ad serving technology

Astronomer helps organizations automate data pipelines through its software platform built around Apache Airflow.

Auryc’s visual intelligence platform empowers organizations to create exceptional customer journeys and increase revenue.

Bark helps protect children online from cyberbullying and online predators.

Battlefy is a turn-key platform for game publishers, players, and brands to create and manage eSports competition and content.

Beyond Games is focused on developing extremely high fidelity, AAA games catered to the core market on smartphone and tablet devices.

Big Frame provides marketing and production resources for YouTube influencers, and creates video advertising campaigns that reach the right audience next to premium content.

Copyright made simple. Photographers can copyright their images using the Binded’s blockchain technology.

BlockApps is the most trusted blockchain platform provider in the world, bringing security, permission-based visibility, and efficiency to enterprises of all sizes.

AI for BI SaaS platform to automate LiveOps, optimize revenue, and proactively reduce churn.

Boxed is the fastest and easiest way to shop for bulk-sized groceries, household products and everyday essentials at low prices, with delivery straight to your home or office and no membership fees.

Boundless Mind engages, retains, and delights your users. Powerful engagement software for growth and product teams.

Furniture fit for modern life at home.

Butter lets you make friends with real people across the world in a virtual happy place.

Canvs® is the only qualitative social TV platform to provide nuanced insights into audience behavior at scale.

Brands leverage Captiv8’s artificial intelligence platform to discover and match with talent based on real-time audience data across social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, and Facebook.

Cassia Networks builds next generation Bluetooth IoT solutions, transforming the way businesses and consumers experience IoT environments.

Caura's advanced sensing technologies enable painless and real-time monitoring of biomolecules to help athletes train smarter, provide optimal dietary plans, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Chargehound is a comprehensive chargeback solution that makes handling disputes easy.

Chronicled provides solutions for industries and enterprises to gain value from blockchain powered supply chain ecosystems with built-in trust, automation, and privacy.

Clarify is the next generation AI speech analytics platform of the contact center industry.

Claimbot is an enterprise-class virtual chat engine that transforms the way insurance and automotive companies communicate with their customers. The AI-enabled solution provides more efficient interactions when filing claims, requesting roadside assistance, purchasing coverage, and more.

ClosedLoop uses the power of AI to identify at-risk patients and recommend the best interventions for each individual.

Circle Medical is an asset-light medical practice that uses technology to deliver a better patient experience and outcomes at a lower cost.

Classkick is a real-time help and feedback platform for teachers, students, and parents. Better human feedback is the key to increasing 21st century student learning.

Clover on-demand dating is the fastest way to meet new people. Simply tell us where and when and we’ll find you a great date.

CoachMePlus provides athlete management systems for professional sports teams, collegiate sports teams, and personal trainers and gyms.

CodeSignal is changing the way people discover, develop and promote talent, using core game mechanics and automated skill assessment tools to help users compare and improve their skills and find new job opportunities.

ComiXology delivers a cloud-based digital comics platform that was one of iTunes top ten grossing iPad apps in both 2011 and 2012.

Concourse harnesses the collective power of human advisors and artificial intelligence to provide guidance and support to students in their higher education journey

Contastic is the simple CRM system that knows who you need to follow up with and generates emails with personalized content for you to send to remain relevant.

Copper Cow Coffee brings the best Vietnamese coffee experience to your home, office, and adventure through the best ingredients and innovative design.

CourseKey is a learning intelligence platform proven to lift retention and improve outcomes through location-based attendance, auto-graded assessments, interactive textbooks, engaging social channels, and powerful analytics.

CrowdAlbum is building a visual history of the world's events and uses the data to help identify, understand and connect to the audience and influencers that made them happen.

A receipt-based dining loyalty program.

Dexter makes it easy for anyone to build and deploy conversational interfaces across multiple messaging platforms like SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Slack.

Earbits is a performance based advertising platform where artists and record labels bid on a pay-per-stream basis for radio airtime, and use the exposure to acquire new fans and market their music and live events.

Eden is the workplace management platform with services spanning all needs of the workplace – from office cleaning and handymen to IT support and office moves.

Ekho is a digital advertising development platform designed to simplify, extend and enhance native advertising opportunities for brands.

Elite Daily is an online destination that offers peer-to-peer interactions of world news, finance, sports, culture and all things luxury.

The Embr Wave delivers thermal comfort to improve well-being via personalized waves of warmth or cold.

Emergy’s mission is to provide nutritious, clean, and satisfying all natural, whole muscle meat alternatives to everyone - forever.

Emotion Intelligence’s technology interprets the emotions of online shoppers and makes the most effective possible offers to them.

Enhatch offers an end-to-end solution that powers the design and delivery of standard and patient-specific implants from pre-operative planning to the surgical theatre.

Entrypoint is a 360 video web player focused on making 360 content accessible, shareable and interactive.

Epic! is an award-winning subscription service that gives millions of families and classrooms instant, unlimited access to thousands of books, videos and quizzes from leading publishers .

Everymove empowers health care providers and everyday people to increase health through a rewards system.

Exposure is a modern publishing platform for photographers and visual storytellers - the simple way to create and share your unique photo stories.

Fama is an AI based solution that helps enterprise retailers limit brand damage caused by toxic behaviors like sexual harassment, discrimination, and various other insider threats.

Finless Foods is developing a groundbreaking new way to produce nutritious, environmentally-friendly fish and seafood products without fishing from our precious oceans.

Fitocracy is a social network that empowers and motivates you to reach your fitness goals through gamification, community, and personal guidance.

Flux repurposes the technology used to read and write computer hard drives to perform point-of-care medical diagnostics, empowering consumers and patients to take control of their health from the comfort of their homes with the precision of a clinical laboratory.

FlyData handles real-time replication for all of the major RDS systems, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, MariaDB, and Percona.

FocusMotion creates data-driven orthopedic recovery solutions to automatically assess and monitor pre- and post- operative patients, building the deep learning and diagnostic AI that will transform human recovery.

Fohr is a self-seve platform that allows you to run the best influencer marketing campaigns imaginable.

FunnelBeam is the most customizable sales intelligence platform in the world.

Gameflip is the marketplace for all gamers where anyone can buy and sell anything gaming related, from physical copies of the earliest generations of video-game consoles to in-game items of the latest PC gaming titles.

Granify is an e-commerce conversion and revenue optimization technology powered by machine learning that regularly brings top retailers 3%-5% uplift.

Greenhouse is software to optimize your entire recruiting process. Find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions.

Grovo is the quickest, simplest training platform for digital and professional skills.

Automated messaging solutions for small businesses to allow them to effortlessly enter the conversational economy.

GYANT combines messaging, AI, and medical experts to radically improve the diagnosis and treatment of non-urgent conditions, transforming healthcare from the outside in to create a new care standard for everyone.

Hamama offers a fail-proof way for anyone to grow nutritious microgreens at home year-round.

HeartThis is creating the world's largest social shopping site where you can discover products and people that match your individual style.

Hobo Labs is a next generation guild-based mobile games platform.

Hookit is the most powerful sponsorship analytics and valuation platform to quantify and track the value and performance of sports sponsorships in social and digital media.

We provide accredited investors worldwide with an easy, cost-efficient way to construct customized portfolios of hedge funds.

Publisher of the Hustle, your smart, good looking friend that sends you an email each morning with all the tech and business news you need to know for the day and host of Hustle Con, an event for non-technical startup founders.

Hush offers the hottest products in beauty at the best prices.

Hyr connects traditional businesses and amazing pros, when they need each other.

Ideal Me helps users sort through the abundance of information and products online in the self-improvement category.

Interviewed lets hiring managers identify their best job candidates quickly and accurately using day-in-the-life job simulations so they can see candidates in action.

Inverse sparks curiosity about the future.

IRIS.TV is a cloud-based personalized video programming system that allows publishers and content owners to generate more video views and engage users across all devices.

IrisVision Global is a med-tech company whose breakthrough wearable headset allows those with severe vision impairment, including macular degeneration, to see clearly and live fully.

A new mobile gaming category offering real world rewards, everyday, to smartphones.

Tracks Media, Inc. now Kanvas Labs is building a network of mobile-first social networks.

Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform makes knowledge and skills intuitively accessible and applicable .

KidzToPros is a platform that provides after school enrichment programs and summer camps focusing on sports and STEM.

Lambda School trains people online to be software engineers at no up-front cost.

LeadIQ provides prospecting automation platform to increase sales productivity.

LeagueApps helps organizers, coaches and parents make sports happen - equipping them with the technology and community they need to play for the future.

Limitless is a platform that makes building VR content easy for everyone, focused around interactive characters.

Little Bird analyzes social data to deliver insights for smarter enterprise marketing.

Littlstar is a global network dedicated to immersive 360° video and photos.

Loop captures customer reactions “in the moment” with the latest in mobile and cloud technology.

The leading enterprise communication solution. Mobile messaging that's built for business: instant, secure and keeps everyone accountable.

Lucky Sort is building a Big Data visualization and navigation engine called TopicWatch for exploring emergent patterns in live text streams.

Lunar Wireless’s revolutionary app allows you to adjust the speed of your data in order to save money, so you only pay for what you really need.

Made In is a premium cookware brand creating inspiring tools for the modern cook. Cookware that gets you excited for dinner, but doesn’t eat up your paycheck.

MagicCube is the creator of the world’s only Software Trusted Execution Environment (sTEE™) platform, a technology that enables large-scale deployment and management of IoT and mobile-secure solutions to consumers.

Mashable is the leading media company for the Connected Generation and the voice of digital culture. Reporting on the importance of digital innovation, Mashable empowers and inspires its readers around the globe.

MassRelevance develops and offers cloud-based software for media and entertainment sectors.

The next generation will capture the digital world as much, if not more, than the physical world. Medal.tv is building the platform to enable that generation.

Misapplied Sciences is building Parallel Reality - technology that allows people to each see different, personalized content on the same shared display, without wearing glasses.

MinoMonsters is a mobile gaming studio that develops brands.

Mixcord helps mobile users create fun and engaging content with photos and videos on their mobile device.

Modern lets you initiate and respond to comments and messages on Instagram and Facebook in real-time.

Monti Kids empowers families to start learning at home with the world's leading infant toddler curriculum, a subscription beginning at birth with Montessori toys for children, video-based guidance for parents, and expert support.

Mycroft is the world’s first open source assistant. Mycroft runs anywhere – on a desktop computer, inside an automobile, or on a Raspberry Pi.

Not all cashmere is created equal. Naadam does good and feels even better.

Nestio offers landlords, brokers, and renters the ability to manage and communicate information in real-time, all in one place.

NewsWhip tracks how billions of people engage with stories across all social networks, giving the most complete and unique insight into what stories audiences care about today, and what's proven to engage historically.

At NimbleDroid, we’re inventing cutting-edge technology and tools to redefine how developers and their teams craft awesome apps.

Through potent new blockchain and machine intelligence technologies and protocols, Onai is unlocking the power of next-generation computation for us all.

Open Me is a social greeting card company backed by Threadless.

Optimal helps brands and advertisers manage social advertising campaigns in real-time with its media acquisition and optimization platform and proprietary analytics tool.

Ordway is a high-growth SaaS company building the world’s most effective billing and finance platform.

Original Stitch is an online fashion clothier based in San Francisco that allows its customers to build their perfect dress shirt from premium quality fabrics, with endless variations of patterns and details and all made in Japan.

Osano transforms millions of unstructured legal disclosures about data management practices into structured and actionable insights for compliance teams.

Osmosis is empowering the world's clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible through a personalized learning platform and best-in-class video library.

Panda is a camera that augments your conversations with those closest to you.

Parrable is a third-party identification platform solving one of the most critical issues on mobile: identification.

Paradromics is the first high-bandwidth data interface between brains and computers.

Pathover is an all-in-one solution with a built-in e-commerce platform, a database that contains over 1 million product images and info, an in-store fulfillment app, pick up in-store, and home delivery options.

Percolata gives retail stores mobile, cloud-based options to predict in-store traffic, improve scheduling efficiency, and increase sales.

Pistol Lake makes ultra-functional apparel for minimalists.

Plyfe is an automated marketing and rich media platform that uses fun mechanics to acquire, engage and influence audiences.

Poetri allows anyone to be able create and develop digital projects using functions-as-a-service.

Popular Pays’ platform streamlines the content creation process, allowing you to scale the production of high quality custom content for social.

Portal is a platform bringing together video sharing and peer-to-peer payments. No ads. Just people.

Povio is pre-vetted, invite only community of engineers and designers ready to build your next thing.

Price searches thousands of stores in seconds to instanly show you all your shopping options: New, used, local, rental, refurbished and more.

ProbiusDX is an all-electronic platform for fingerprinting of biological samples in pre-clinical and food safety applications. Any target, any background, fast.

ProSky gives you the ability to innovatively evaluate candidates and develop employees through succession pathways, so you can recruit, hire, and retain the best diverse talent and culture fit.

Ravn builds wearable systems and software for soldiers.

RentHop simplifies real estate decisions through technology and quantitative analysis.

Rheo is your source for news, information, laughter and inspiration.

Fill your recruiting pipeline with passive employee referrals.

Rosso & Flynn is bringing back the experience, quality and transparency of old school butchers to the digital age.

Scatter creates award-winning immersive stories and the accessible volumetric video tool Depthkit.

On mobile, screenshots are becoming the go-to visual bookmark. We built a simple tool to make these screenshots actionable.

Shots Studios is an entertainment and production company that partners with internet creators to produce original content.

SimpleReach aggregates and analyzes real-time data across social media to identify what content is driving traffic and where paid distribution dollars are best spent.

Smilo is the new direct-to-consumer brand for essential baby products lovingly perfected by doctors, scientists, and engineers.

Snaps is building the leading platform for connecting consumers and businesses in messaging.

SocialFlow is a software company that increases distribution of owned and earned content across social media platforms.

SocialRank helps brands find out more information about the people that follow them on social networks, starting with Twitter.

The world’s most powerful, open social software platform. We connect every business in the world to the people they care about.

Statespace leverages neuroscience and AI to bring standardized performance analytics, scouting, and training to competitive gaming.

Stoplight provides engineering teams with a new way to document, test, and build web APIs.

Stratifyd is a end-to-end customer analytics platform powered by AI that helps businesses capture all customer interactions and turn them into actionable business intelligence.

Stream’s simple, powerful APIs are used by some of the largest and most popular apps. Save months of development headache and focus on what makes your app unique.

StrongDM delivers security and convenience at the same time, enabling companies to centrally manage access to every database and server in every environment with proper security controls and accessibility for end users.

StructionSite helps contractors and building owners automatically extract installed work from image data collected on a construction site, creating the first ever historical database of contractor performance across projects.

Style Lend is a peer to peer fashion rental marketplace.

Supermedium is the browser for the VR Internet. Put your headset on and browse thousands of VR applications on the Web.

Slash is a free keyboard for iPhone & iPad that makes it easy to share anything, without switching apps.

The Block is "Crypto Simplified," bringing you the news, insight and analysis -- and the communication tools -- to help separate crypto signal from noise.

The Ocean is the premier 0X-based relayer and liquidity pool for trading ERC20 Ethereum-based tokens. Low fees, high performance, trustless trading, and deep liquidity.

The Tap Lab is a location-based gaming studio that publishes mobile games with a real-world twist.

Over 5 million educators, students, and businesses in 190 countries use ThingLink technology for creating engaging visual stories, presentations, and virtual tours.

Thunder is a creative management platform for global brands to ensure fast, consistent, and targeted messaging across regions, channels, and audiences.

With a unique take through the ASMR video genre and a creator-driven approach to content creation, Tingles is the best video platform to find content that helps you relax and fall asleep.

TOK.tv is the #1 social network in sports, allowing millions of fans to talk to their friends while watching a game on TV.

Tokyo Otaku Mode shares the latest Japanese pop culture news and sells products related to Japanese anime, manga, games, music, and fashion.

Toonstar is a mobile cartoon community where people livestream, watch, and share cartoon characters.

Toybox is a creativity platform and 3d printer that lets kids easily find and design the toys they love and print them right at home.

Treeline makes it easy to build custom, high-performance apps for Node.js. It is designed for building practical, enterprise-grade backends in a matter of hours - not months.

Tribalist is a new trusted platform to search, discover and create the best lists on the web, helping you find the best things to do each day and saving time by finding and aggregating all the best lists from top publishers.

TripleLift’s technology automatically turns assets into thousands of unique ads that match the look and feel of each website, natively rendered on any platform.

TRANSFR works directly with employers to create customized simulations that allow employees to virtually train in their role.

TXN is a consumer spending analytics and surveying platform for businesses.

UnaliWear’s Kanega watch provides voice-controlled, 24×7, go-anywhere support for falls, medication reminders, and a guard against wandering with guide-me-home assistance.

Unbound is an erotic product brand changing how feminists explore and enjoy their sex lives.

Turn phones into service instances for creating massive scale distributed infrastructure.

The Upside platform puts brands in control of a fast moving market and increasingly price sensitive consumer.

Van Robotics creates smart, robot tutors which delight and engage K-8 students to accelerate learning. Fun social interactions put students at ease and collect performance and socioemotional metrics to personalize each student's experience.

The leading software vendor management platform for mid-size and enterprises, VendorHawk helps IT and procurement leaders cut waste and manage vendors more effectively.

VidIQ helps brands leverage tools and strategy to master their video marketing initiatives and grow a loyal audience of consumers.


Vidrovr develops end-to-end video search and understanding solutions that help companies index and manage their live stream and archival video content.

VinePair is the leading content platform about wine, beer and spirits.

Vingle is an interest-based community platform available via mobile and web, where users can connect with people who love what they love.

VINA builds tech products that meet the needs of the modern woman. Their social networking app, Hey! VINA has connected millions of women in 158 countries.

Visual Vocal’s VR platform is a core communication technology for a future of immersive computing.

Viyet is an online marketplace for buying & selling nearly new and sample home goods from top designer.

Vizbee makes the smart phones, smart speakers and smart TVs in our living rooms behave as ONE device.

Waldo is a window into your best friends’ lives via smartphones – making sure you’re always in the loop with the people you care most about.

Wellthy is a healthcare concierge service using dedicated care coordinators and a seamless technology platform to project manage healthcare for families with sick and aging loved ones.

WeRecover is an online marketplace and booking engine for addiction recovery centers.

Werk makes companies flexible, putting flexibility insights and data into the hands of companies to help them work smarter.

Wolf & Shepherd designs shoes to provide unparalleled comfort by concealing high performance foam technology into the heart of each sole.

Wondershake uses technology to enrich society by creating unusual encounters in daily life.

Wynd enables people to breathe healthy air wherever they go using a comprehensive air quality data platform powered by an ecosystem of proprietary sensors and supported by air cleaning and improvement solutions.

YouEarnedIt is a SaaS HR technology platform that redefines the way companies engage their employees.

YouStake is a marketplace that lets fans invest in their favorite skilled games and sports players.

Zemanta is an online service for automatic enhancement of textual content.

Zehitomo is a marketplace for local services (photographers, pet sitters, personal trainers, home reform specialists, etc.) in Japan.

Zingbox is the provider of the most widely deployed healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform,