Moment-of-Inception Investing:

The moment when companies begin represents a unique opportunity to generate high returns in the startup life cycle. The cost basis at this point is as low as it will ever be and the moment-of-inception investor can establish a deep relationship with management by being helpful in the company’s infancy.

Social Starts Moment-of-Inception funds invest at the creation of disruptive startups in:

  • Content
  • Analytics
  • Work Platforms
  • Internet of Things Software
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Security
  • Health Care Technology

SSLP 1, our first Moment of Inception Fund, has a 2012 vintage and 100% invested, with 87 investments in 81 companies. SSLP 3, our second Moment-of-Inception Fund, began investing in July 2014 and has made over 100 investments entering 2017.

Series A Investing: SSLP 2 & SSLP-A

Our Series A funds invest in Social Starts’ early stage companies as they reach their Series A rounds. The biggest challenge investors face at the Series A is not one of discovery – high-value Series A companies are known in their markets and have established track records of performance that can attract investor interest – but, rather, of access.

The primary investment activity of our Series A funds is harvesting the power of pro rata rights from our rising Moment-of-Inception investments. Secondarily, these funds invest opportunistically in Series A rounds in our focus areas led by top-flight venture capital firms.

SSLP 2, initiated in 2013, completed its investment cycle in 2016 with 32 investments. Our new fund, Social Starts-A, began investing in late 2016.